October 31, 2018


living with a panther
no words can describe the beauty of 
these proud and magnificant creatures

October 29, 2018

Sculptures by the Sea

it's been a while since I visited Sculptures By the Sea
always been put off by the people, making excuses ...
this year I decided to go before sunrise
4am alarm clock, in the pouring rain, I made it to Bondi by 5.30am
the beach was dark, windy, and eery
completely different to its usual sunny self
not surprisingly, I was not alone
there were already other photographers with their tri-pods 
battling the wind, trying to hold still in the gust 
I started shooting in the dark
but soon the sky secretly became brighter
like someone gradually turning the dimmer on
the clouds lit up as the sun came up behind them
I realised how precious those moments of perfect light were
before I knew it, the morning has come
and people started to arrive
it's time to leave.

I only posted a few selected photographs
and I'm sure I did not take a photo of every artwork
but this year I was impressed by these sculptures
they capture the light, form, textures and colours 
expressing strength, sadness and humour
perhaps a reflection of the world that we live in today.